Bellagio in Italy

Visit this place when you feel like being romantic. The views of the Lake Como against the Alps warm the heart and bring flutters to the tummy. Italian food, wine and ice cream, sunsets and boats- ah, life can only get so beautiful. That’s what Bellagio is- beautiful.

Children always love water, riding ferries and of course, playgrounds (with stunning views). There are fun things for them here though one should be warned of the steep stairs and ways which may not be so easy for toddlers to climb up to and for strollers to access.

From Bellagio, we crossed numerous towns by ferry. Our favorites were Varenna and Menaggio. Both places have nice playgrounds and restaurants.

I hoped to see George Clooney, who was supposed to have a house there somewhere. I though it was the perfect place to see him. When we were there though, I forgot about that. Who needs George Clooney when I’ve got my Skat and boys? They are the best people to spend time with in a place which seemed to have been made for falling in love.

Water, ducks and boats- always interesting for the small ones.
Daddy and JJ on the way to Menaggio
A Very Beautiful Place to Ride a Swing
Cobble Stones
Water and mountains look good together and so are my boys.

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