Rome was our first taste of Italy and our hearts have been captured. Since then, Italy has become our favorite binge place for wine, food, arts, food and more wine! Italians have been, as far as we have experienced, fond of children, so this is one destination parents shouldn’t be hesitant to bring their children with.

During our visit, we skipped the indoor museums. The city is already a one big collection of amazing stuff and experiencing it with our toddlers was very much a joy instead of a pain (which I imagine what would have been while inside a proper museum). The big piazzas were favorites, as was the Colosseum, the St. Peter’s Square in Vatican and the playgrounds in Villa Borghese and Castel San’t Angelo.

When traveling with kids in Rome, try Explora for a couple of hours of entertainment for the little ones and for some rest from the sun. The hop-on, hop-off bus is also a fun way to go around with the kids, especially if you can sit on the top of a double-decker one. If you need to bring strollers, make sure to bring the sturdy kind that can survive the cobble stoned streets, otherwise carriers are better.

Rome was an overwhelming experience and as I stepped on the grounds of a city where marvelous events happened hundreds of years ago, hearing my children giggle and make their small steps as well, the experience just became even more meaningful.

JJ at Piazza del Popolo
Fountains delight my boys all the time.
Strolling at the Artsy Via Margutta
Inside the Baths of Caracalla
Spring Day at the Grounds of Terme di Caracalla (Baths of Caracalla)
Inside the Breath-Taking Colosseum
Finding a Way to Play Inside the Colosseum



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